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Roadkill Cafe - Armadillo Eggs                         


1982 -  BEQUETTE APPETIZERS INC. (Home of the Roadkill Cafe) At the time I was graduating from college, casual dining was at its peak. With two income houses and revenues increasing, casual dining was growing to fit the demand. As they were looking for ways to grow their business even more, a new category of food was created and became an instant hit.  .  . APPETIZERS!  A little here, a little there, a variety of flavors you could eat as a meal, or share with your friends. We call it GRAZING!  I loved this new trend, and it wasn't long before I was making my own appetizers and creating new versions at home and for friends.  I was so excited about these new creations that I opened my own manufacturing plant in Bixby Oklahoma.  It was my love of a newly found old favorite, chile rellenos, that lead to my biggest success.  I wanted to figure out how to capture the essence of this new found love and reduce it in size for easy enjoyment. I took a jalapeño pepper, cut it in half, and filled it with cream cheese or a combination of cheddar/jack. WOW! They were spicy but the flavor was fantastic.  I knew if I wanted these to become really popular, I needed to reduce the heat a little but keep that great jalapeño flavor.  I created what is now the norm, the way to tame the jalapeño pepper.  By removing the vein and seeds, and then cooking them in a special brine solution I developed, it reduced the heat level nearly in half. And the rest is history.  I sold these delicious morsels all over the country (with a little help of my friend Lee), and we successfully made Armadillo Eggs and Stuffed Jalapeños' a household word. 



1998 - BEQUETTE'S GOURMET FOODS, INC. Through my years of developing new appetizers and entrees, I found that the secret is in the sauce.  It could be a dipping sauce, a glaze, or a marinade that really brings the flavor.  To get the flavors I was looking for, I knew the sauce need just the right flavor.  Over the years, I've created a lot of different sauces and have always enjoyed sharing them with family and friends.  With these specialty sauces, anyone could make chef inspired appetizers in the convenience of their home or backyard! Since Chile Peppers have always been at the center of my success and most of my sauce have some type of Chile that makes up a large part of the flavor profile, "Twisted Chile" was formed.

2021 - Bequette's QueZing  In the midst of a pandemic and eating habits changed for some time to come, I upgraded the packaging and re-launched many of my favorite sauces. As we start to get back together with family and friends, I hope you will bring our sauce along and make memories that will last for years to come!

Dave V. Bequette