- The Secrets In The Sauce -

Twisted Chile Gift Box including Hickory Barbecue, Buffalo Sauce and Bourbon Glaze. Great for any outdoor Grilling/BBQ party of Tailgate Party

Backyard Barbecue Trio

Tailgate Party 3-Pack

Smoky Buffalo Wings Sauce!

Award winning smoky buffalo wings! Juicy and delicious inside with a smoky buffalo flavor that penetrates to the bone and makes these wings extrodinary. Bring a bottle to your next backyard barbecue or tailgate party.

Smoky Buffalo Wing Sauce

Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce!

Slow roasted, hickory smoked, fall off the bone good, and the flavor of some of the most Incredible baby back ribs you can make for your next backyard barbecue.  

Hickory Smoked Barbecue

Bourbon Street Glaze!

These appetizers are easy to prepare, but your friends will think you labored for hours making them.  Throw in a slow cooker, add Bourbon Street Glaze, and just wait for the flavor explosion. The sticky sweet flavor of bourbon & brown sugar infused with a touch of cayenne will keep them grazing for hours!

Bourbon Street Glaze

I love the Orange Szechuan Glaze over baked chicken. It's sensational!

Doris Beene

These smoky buffalo wings are terrific! It's not just a spicy vinegar sauce, this one has a great flavor!

Presley River

It's a home run! Twisted Chile has hit it out of the park with their sauces. I'm really in love with the Bourbon Street Glaze!

Jana Carr